Erin Valenti (Late)

A tech enthusiast and an influencer

Erin Valenti’s Biography

Erin Valenti had more than 15 years of multifunctional leadership experience developing and investing in innovative tech companies and running Tinker, a full service product development company. 

As A Person

Erin was always energetic and full of crazy ideas. She had a very sharp intellect uncommon among others. She loved climbing rocks and climbing down the canyons.

Professional Journey

Before starting Tinker, Erin tinkered with a lot of ideas. She started working as a venture capital investor and directly led investments in the communication and fintech sectors at Summit Partners, a $20 billion fund. There, she managed a team of associates and assisted with an IPO and two M&A transactions.

After leaving Summit Partners, Erin was ready to start a venture of her own. That’s when she started Skycrane, a Springboard Accelerator portfolio company and a work-for-hire marketplace. Her freshly gained entrepreneurial experience made her realize the troubles of underdog entrepreneurs and inspired her to create SLC Tech Startups, a professional networking group in Utah where she actively organized events to provide opportunities to learn, create and connect.

After her successful exit from Skycrane, Erin joined as the Head of Product Development, and oversaw a team of 250 engineers. She also helped in forming the internal corporate venture capital group of Overstock (now called Medici Ventures) by leading the first five investments in blockchain companies.

Recently, she was also focused on developing training programs for software and product development and launching a web content series on innovation and creativity.


Erin earned her B.S. in Business Administration from Georgetown University, summa cum laude, and majored in Finance and International Business.

Role At Tinker

At Tinker, Erin had a global team consisting of 120+ employees across Salt Lake City and in Lahore, Pakistan. Tinker built more than 700 products including mobile apps, SaaS apps, tech-enabled marketplaces and consumer websites while working for renowned startups and Fortune 500 companies.