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Tech Used

Tech Used

/* iOS, Android, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS3, EC2, MySQL, MongoDB */

Thinker Team

Tinker Team

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The Ripil Solution

Charley began his Ripil journey with a technical co-founder, but lack of communication, slow turnaround times, development errors, and a misunderstanding of the goals and vision of Ripil lead to an eventual separation. Charley was looking for a development team that understood his vision and would be able to turn it into a reality. He wanted a team that he could trust was making progress on his project that he would not feel the need to micromanage.

The Tinker team worked to establish the Ripil social platform for web, iPhone and Android. Ripil features:

  • Member login
  • Ability to post "good deed" descriptions and pictures
  • Liking, sharing, commenting, messaging, and joining groups
  • The "Good News" feed
  • The "World Deed Population" meter

Project Highlights

The app has been live since September 2016, and saw 5,000 user sign-ups and over 11,000 good deed posts within the first 2 months. Despite great initial numbers, Charley Johnson says, “We won’t be happy until we are the leader in the kindness world. We will get there with Tinker in our corner.

5,000 users in first 2 months of live app

Over 11,000 good deeds posted in first 2 months of live app

Raised Angel Round Funding

Received local and national press coverage

Communication, design, programming, coding, turn-around time - you name it and I promise you it’s better with Tinker than any other dev team I’ve worked with. Tinker can take us from no users to 100s of millions of users, why would I even think about going anywhere else for my development?

Driving Performance With Innovation